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Lincoln High School’s 9-12 Online High School Diploma and High School Equivalency Certificate (HSEC) programs allow its students to study, research and complete their schooling online. All the coursework, assignments and the helping material is available and accessible from anywhere around the world. The students can submit their assignments irrespective of the time of the day and their location; all you need is the access to a computer and the internet. All the tests and exams are taken over the internet as well.

Self Paced Study

With our Adult Online High School Diploma and High School Equivalence Certificate (HSEC) you can study at your own pace and set your own study schedule. You do not have to attend any classes as the entire study program is online education based.

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  • I'm getting a great EDUCATION on my terms.
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    -Sozain Fai

  • i can study at my OWN PACE and get help when i need it.
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    -Frank J. Paige

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